Research based Project

For long days i was wondering if i could do any Research. My wait didn’t last for long… Recently i had a chance to do a “Research Based Project” at my University itself. This was the best chance i had to come out with all my ideas and creativity. So started the Project at Sep-2010.

An Efficient MPEG Encryption Algorithm


This is the Title of the project. Currently i work under the guidance of Ms.P.Vidhyasaraswathi at my Department. At first i had problems to coup up to her level since i was a bit weak at Mathematics. So she started giving me some formulas to work out. Now i have a good idea of the project and started implementing it.Very recently we completed framing the algorithm and gone into implementation phase to see how it works and test its effectiveness. Hope soon we will be publishing the paper in a conference.

I really have to tell about my guide. She is very much talented and a sincere worker. I used to admire her a lot. She never gets angry. She knows almost  everything. Some times i will go to her with a new concept thinking that she may not aware of it. But every time i do this she just tells me that ‘I read about the topic already’ and she will be explaining me the topic very clearly. She always encourages me to come up with new ideas and get updated with the new technologies. I always wonder how she knows everything. May be after completing this Research i can be more knowledgeable like her or more than her.

I will upload my project here as soon as i complete it.


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