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The shadows of darkness.

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Recently read an article in techgig. According to the article the Indian Government has made some amendments in the law which forces mobile operators to share the Latitude and Longitude location of all the users.. I seriously doubt, is this not violating privacy act? 

Read the full article here.

Get paid by sharing on Google..

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Google is seeking volunteers who want to get paid to browse the Web. The catch? Google will track all the sites you visit.

The Web giant quietly launched a new program, called Screenwise, in which users are being offered up to $25 in gift cards to share with Google the Web sites they visit and how they use them. Google is building a panel of participants to “learn more about how everyday people use the Internet,” the company said on its sign-up page.

Participants install a Web browser extension that shares all their browsing activities with Google. In exchange for revealing such information, participants are given a $5 gift card upon signing up, then another gift card every three months


Happy New Year

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Happy New Year

Stunt on Spike

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World Record

This man stood 10 seconds on a spike




This article was originally published in CNN website… I extracted some of the important news here in my blog.

(CNN) — He wears only khadi, a simple garb of homespun cotton, and lives in a small room off a temple in a remote, drought-prone western Indian village. A veteran of the 1965 India-Pakistan war, he retired from the Indian army and took vows of chastity and public service.

According to public statements in June, the septuagenarian bachelor has $1,500 in his bank account.

“We are tired of the problem of corruption, but he is saying: There is another way,” said Usheer Mohan, a New Delhi business owner who took to the streets to protest Hazare’s arrest this week ahead of a planned anti-corruption demonstration.

“He gives hope for all Indians. There is a feeling he can take us out of these problems. People have started considering him another Gandhi.”

Hazare has been a vocal opponent against corruption for two decades, but only in recent months has he catapulted onto the national stage as the people’s voice against endemic corruption that plagues one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

“If you keep track of Indian news, you know how truly widespread and national this is – it is in every nook and corner of this country today,” Kiran Bedi, a Hazare aide, told CNN.

“One and all have either seen bribes or experienced bribes or suffered from a bribe, so it’s both at bottom and the top, and it’s truly united this country in a wave against corruption.”

Bedi, a former senior police official, is like Hazare himself a Magsaysay Award winner — one of Asia’s biggest accolades for public service leadership. Other activists involved in his anti-corruption crusade — which the Indian media dubs “Team Anna” — have fought for “right to information” laws to make India’s notoriously labyrinthine bureaucracy more transparent.

Kisan Baburao Hazare — known to his admirers as “Anna” or elder brother in his native Marathi — is a former soldier who, after watching compatriots die fighting in the 1965 war with Pakistan, considered suicide until he had a spiritual conversion after reading the teachings of Swami Vivekananda, according to his official biography. Vivekananda, a father of modern Hindu philosophy, emphasized the importance of social service in his teachings.

Hazare first garnered attention for helping to turn his village, Ralegan Siddhi, in the western state of Maharashtra into a model for water use and sustainable development –work for which he received two of India’s highest national prizes in the early 1990s.

He also launched a campaign against the distilling and consumption of liquor in the village, which he believed was leading to widespread alcoholism among men. The anti-alcohol drive was controversial: Drunk men were sometimes tied to posts and flogged, but women supported an effort to impose prohibition on the village.

Hazare began to work against corruption in 1991 in a local campaign against the state forestry agency, resulting in his first hunger strike — a tool he has used repeatedly in his public campaigns over the past 20 years.

Hunger strike as a popular weapon of public protest in India “goes back to the days of Mahatma Gandhi,” said Zoya Hasan, professor of political science at Jawaharlal Nehru University. “He employed fasting as a weapon of protest, a weapon of struggle. Since then, because of its association with Gandhi and the iconic status of Gandhi, fasts have been a very popular form of protest.”

Hazare conducted a five-day hunger strike in April which ended after India’s prime minister agreed to introduce long-pending legislation meant to crack down on graft.

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10 things to know about Anna Hazare ‘n Jan Lok Pal Bill.. !

1. Who is Anna Hazare?

An ex-army man. Fought 1965 Indo-Pak War

2. What’s so special about him?

He built a village Ralegaon Siddhi in Ahamad Nagar district, Maharashtra

3. So what?

This village is a self-sustained model village. Energy is produced in the village itself from solar power, biofuel and wind mills.

In 1975, it used to be a poverty clad village. Now it is one of the richest village in India. It has become a model for self-sustained, eco-friendly & harmonic village.

4. Ok,…?

This guy, Anna Hazare was awarded Padma Bhushan and is a known figure for his social activities.

5. Really, what is he fighting for?

He is supporting a cause, the amendment of a law to curb corruption in India.

6. How that can be possible?

He is advocating for a Bil, The Jan Lokpal Bill (The Citizen Ombudsman Bill), that will form an autonomous authority who will make politicians (ministers), beurocrats (IAS/IPS) accountable for their deeds.

8. It’s an entirely new thing right..?

In 1972, the bill was proposed by then Law minister Mr. Shanti Bhushan. Since then it has been neglected by the politicians and some are trying to change the bill to suit thier theft (corruption).

7. Oh.. He is going on a hunger strike for that whole thing of passing a Bill ! How can that be possible in such a short span of time?

The first thing he is asking for is: the government should come forward and announce that the bill is going to be passed.

Next, they make a joint committee to DRAFT the JAN LOKPAL BILL. 50% goverment participation and 50% public participation. Because you cant trust the government entirely for making such a bill which does not suit them.

8. Fine, What will happen when this bill is passed?

A LokPal will be appointed at the centre. He will have an autonomous charge, say like the Election Commission of India. In each and every state, Lokayukta will be appointed. The job is to bring all alleged party to trial in case of corruptions within 1 year. Within 2 years, the guilty will be punished. Not like, Bofors scam or Bhopal Gas Tragedy case, that has been going for last 25 years without any result.

9. Is he alone? Whoelse is there in the fight with Anna Hazare?

Baba Ramdev, Ex. IPS Kiran Bedi, Social Activist Swami Agnivesh, RTI activist Arvind Kejriwal and many more.

Prominent personalities like Aamir Khan is supporting his cause.

10. Ok, got it. What can I do?

At least we can spread the message. How?

Putting status message, links, video, changing profile pics.

At least we can support Anna Hazare and the cause for uprooting corruption from India.

At least we can hope that his Hunger Strike does not go in vain.

At least we can pray for his good health.

Thanks for reading..

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An analysis of the browsing habits of mobile users revealed surprising results. While PC browsing peaks during business hours between 9 am and 5 pm, mobile browsing soars during the evenings. Mobile Click Through Rate also reaches its peak during the evening, but still maintains a higher CTR than PC at any time of the day.

“Mobile is proving to be one of the most financially rewarding formats in the media mix,” said Gal Trifon, president and CEO of MediaMind. “This is most likely the result of mobile ads being a new experience for many users, and that they occupy a larger portion of the screen as compared to browser ads.”

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