Few disadvantages,Google plus you dont know

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Tech Info

1) Google’s reputation on social network
We are talking about Google’s reputation o0ver social network,as we could easily remember the history with Google’s previous attempts for social product.Google has tried so many social products but could you remember one which are still hot listed this days like Facebook or twitter.We can compare with many more social network but I think comparing with Facebook and twitter is enough here.
Some of us will try to remembering us about YouTube,but my dear friend we can say YouTube was not a product of Google.When Google brought this social network which mainly deliver videos products was enough hot item for social market.You can say Google has just trying to maintain YouTube’s brand reputation.
2) Google reputation for privacy
Once again we are talking about Google reputation over privacy of social network they launched.When Google launch Google Buzz,it was hot cake for social user but due to Google’s unique privacy policy people return their hands from it.I can remember what the craze was when Google launch Google Buzz but with the time it all lost.This mainly because of Google’s own privacy policy.
In similar fashion Google plus will deliver dead letter private profile on 31st July.I don’t know why but people wants private profile too.Though its most debatable issue.
3) twitter alternatives
Twitter are growing rapidly,we can see twitter has some new changes this year in their policy and tactics.So this could create huge threat to Google plus.They are integrated into hugely popular iOS,so people can’t leave them or save some time to have more time with Google Plus.I know they will simultaneously use Facebook and Google plus but it just because nothing to loose by using any other product.

4) Big threat from Facebook
This days Facebook are much more good alternative to anything else.They also has private profile options,so the user who want this will not move to Google plus.

5) Google’s own success as search engine

People won’t think Google except a search engine.We know Google means anything to search on Google.This past success always create obstacles for user,when they heard about any product from Google.Though this is very much prediction over people’s mind but it might create a threat to Google plus.
On the other hand Google has some strong competitor for this section.Bing is now rapidly growing into its search field.So Google has to think about this too.

6) No re-tweets and Like button
Like twitter and Facebook Google plus doesn’t has any re-tweet and Like button.Now a days this two buttons are hot thing for social users.Through re-tweet button someone can easily re-share any content and again through like button you can leave your faith to any content.According to Google new algorithm updates,Google has decided own to give importance to re-tweeting and liking content.
Though through Google plus you can share any content to global if its already shared by a circle.

7) Total complex theorem through-out Google plus
One can easily say Google plus nothing but a complex algorithm like Google has with its previous products.Implementing Google plus is quite hard in one word.One has to complete various things before result comes in.


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